13LoveStories.com is a unique multimedia advocacy project that profiles the moving stories of thirteen couples whose lives were profoundly affected by Proposition 8 - the recent California ballot initiative that eliminated the right of same-sex couples to marry. Read more...

Screenings + Exhibitions
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13LoveStories.com to the tune of Jason Mraz's hit song "I'm Yours"

In the media campaign leading up to the hotly contested November 2008 vote, something essential was missing: images of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer couples whose relationships hung in the balance. 13LoveStories.com presents a series of short films that redress the absence of such images. Featuring real voices and personal photographs, the films provide direct access to a diverse cross-section of committed couples in and around Los Angeles.

The project began in late January 2009. London-based photographer Gideon Mendel made portraits of each couple along with still life pictures from their homes. UCLA students worked with the couples to unearth an array of snapshots from their personal archives. Creative editor Derrick Shore interviewed the couples and created short videos from the plethora of assembled materials. The videos were completed in mid-February, just in time to go live on Valentine?s Day. An outdoor exhibition version of 13LoveStories.com was launched at Bruin Plaza on the UCLA campus, March 5, 2009, the day that oral arguments in the case are presented to the California Supreme Court.

The project was directed by Mendel in collaboration with co-curators David Gere and Janna Shadduck Hernandez, professors at UCLA (University of California - Los Angeles), and it was produced by Bobby Gordon.

We would like to thank the team of UCLA students for their engagement and phenomenal commitment to this project.

All the members of the 13LoveStories.com team pay tribute to the courage of the participating couples, who allowed us into their lives with such generosity and openness. They have chosen to expose their private relationships to a wide public audience, hoping that their tales of love can help change attitudes and combat the injustice that they have all experienced through the passing of Proposition 8.

13LoveStories Screenings + Exhibitions

The 13 Love Stories videos were completed in mid-February, just in time to go live on Valentine?s Day, and an outdoor exhibition version of 13LoveStories.com was launched at Bruin Plaza on the UCLA campus, March 5, 2009 - the day that oral arguments in the case were presented to the California Supreme Court. A packed plaza enjoyed some wonderful music, delicious cake, and had a chance to hear from the couples themselves.


Santa Monica College - May 20th (Exhibition May 18)
1900 Pico Blvd Santa Monica, 90405

The Abbey - May 26th
692 N Robertson West Hollywood 90069

Hollywood United Methodist Church - June 7th (AM)
6817 Franklin Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90028

Royal Clayton'??s Pub - June 7th (PM)
1855 Industrial St. Downtown LA, 90021

Gay Day at KPFK - June 14, 9am-noon

Mobile Exhibition

SCME Marriage Action (UCLA) - May 7th
220 Westwood Plaza L.A. 90095 (Bruin Plaza)

Santa Monica College - May 18th
1900 Pico Blvd Santa Monica, 90405

Plummer Park Teach-in - May 9th
7377 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood

Downtown LA Art Walk - June 11th

LA Pride - June 12-14
San Vicente between Santa Monica and Melrose

Meet in the Middle (Fresno) - Sat. After Supreme Court Decision


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Credits + Acknowledgements

Gideon Mendel - Photographer, Project Director
David Gere - co-curator
Janna Shadduck Hernandez - co-curator
Derrick Shore - creative editor and music
Bobby Gordon - producer
Brittany Maxwell - digital image coordinator, graphic designer
Michael Tank - website design
Robert Een - music
Yolanda Arzate - music
Sami Freeman - additional music
Cathryn Dhanatya - director of finance, UCLA Art | Global Health Center
Ariel Stevenson - strategic planning/AGHC
Margaux Permutt - assistant/AGHC
Jeremy Peretz - assistant/AGHC
Brenda Freiberg - chair of advisory board
Noel Alumit - community organizer/advisory board
Jenna Delgado - graduate student researcher
Marjan Vayghan - photo album consultant
Cari Ann Henderson - video consultant
Eder Cetina/Olson Visual - exhibition production

Couples / Student Collaborators

Steven and Glenn / Amanda Demetrus and Victor Leclere
Jean and Maribeth / Molly Temple
Raymond and Byron / Sahra Nguyen and Shamine Shaw
Kalil and Karin / Nadia Guizar
Leona and Grace / Aubree Stark and Kaitlin Cressman
Travis / Aja Gomez
Lilia and Kelley / Jenna Delgado
Lawrence and Julian / Marjan Vayghan
Tom and Davidson / Julia Pate
Leticia and Yolanda / Maia D'anna
Travis and Greg / Abe Miller
Patricia and Evelyn / Alexis Wilkinson
Cas and Ricky / Ali Geering-Kline


UCLA Art | Global Health Center
UCLA LGBT Campus Resource Center
UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education
UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures
UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture
UCLA Student Coalition for Marriage Equality

For more information, or to host the exhibition or a screening, contact:

Robert Gordon
robert.gordon (at) arts.ucla.edu